Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Contest Winners!

 MAY DAY FREE LUNCH                                                                                       

One hundred and forty-one years ago, the Hyack Fire Department organized New Westminster’s most significant celebration, May Day! There was a parade, there was music, there were sports and a Maypole BUT more importantly, THERE WAS A FREE LUNCH!

This year The May Day Committee held a contest for a free class lunch and were very pleased with the number of students and teachers who participated.  The six winners were announced to much cheering at May Day!  Thank you for the donations from our community businesses.

 C O N T E S T   W I N N E R                                                                                

Special thanks to Bobby Brar at Subway who  donated yummy Kid’s Meals for a lucky class.   The winner with five correct answers is Div 2 at Lord Tweedsmuir!  

Special thanks to Paj Pannu at Subway who donated yummy Kids’ Meals for a lucky class.  The winner with five correct answers is Div. 8 at John Robson! 

Special thanks to New Westminster Pizza Hut who has donated mouth-watering individual pizzas for two lucky classes.   The winners with five correct answers are Div. 10 at Lord Kelvin and Div. 2 at Connaught Heights!


Special thanks to Melissa from Dairy Queen who donated scrumpdilly-icious Dilly Bars to a lucky class.     The winner with five correct answers Div. 2 at Herbert Spencer!

Tim Horton's  donated delicious glazed donuts to a lucky class.  The winner with five correct answers is Div. 5 at Richard McBride.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

May Day Contest

 Win a Lunch for Your Class!                                                                     

Hyack Fire Department
On May 4, 1870, the Hyack Fire Department provided a free lunch for the citizens who gathered to witness the crowning of New Westminster's first May Queen! 

The May Day Committee would like to give you the chance to win a  free lunch for your class!

How to win a lunch for your class:

Copy and print the entry form.  Fill it out and print neatly!  Use the information in the blog below to answer the following questions in one or two word answers.  Ask your teacher or parents to give you a hand! 

Take your entry to school and put it in the May Day box.  The winner will be drawn at May Day and their class will win a free lunch!  Good luck!!

Contest open to Grades 1 - 5

Contest closes Monday, May 23, 2011

May Day Free Lunch Contest!

First and Last Name: ______________________________________

School: ______________________________________ Div: _______


1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
4. ______________________________________
5. ______________________________________

Primary questions:

1.       Where does May Day take place in New Westminster?
2.       What is the nickname for New Westminster?
3.       Which grade dances the May Pole dances?
4.       Who organized the first May Day?
5.       What sporting event takes place at the end of May Day?

Intermediate questions:

1.       Who gave New Westminster its name?
2.       Who was in command of the Royal Engineers?
3.       Who was the first May Queen?
4.       Who was Mr. May Day?
5.       Who first taught the May Day dances?
                                      May Day in the Royal City                                       
      May Day is an incredible and unique opportunity for all of the students of New Westminster to gather together to celebrate their community spirit and school pride.  Our students have the chance to participate in our city's more enduring historical tradition and to become a part of the history of the Royal City.

History of New Westminster

New Westminster 1865

In 1857, gold was discovered in the interior of New Caledonia.  Fearing an American invasion, Queen Victoria of England created the new colony of British Colombia in 1858. 

The Queen sent the Royal Engineers to protect the new colony and establish a capital city.  Colonel Richard Moody chose New Westminster to be the capital.  Queen Victoria named our city and we became known by our nickname, The Royal City.

May Day Yesterday 
First May Day on the Cricket Grounds
On May 4, 1870, New Westminster celebrated its first May Day.  The event was     organized by the Hyack Fire Department to help build community spirit because we had lost the capital to Victoria.

The festivities included a parade, sports, games and a free lunch.  The Hyack band played as our first May Queen, Nellie McColl was crowned. 

Beatrice Cave Brown Cave
Throughout our history, many dedicated citizens have helped to maintain the unique traditions May Day.  In 1913, Beatrice Cave Brown Cave began teaching the traditional May Day dances to students in New Westminster.   

J.J. Johnston was known as “Mr. May Day”. He attended every May Day celebration from his birth in 1870 until 1965.  He passed away in 1966 on May Day.

May Day Today

May Day is a unique New Westminster tradition.  Every May, school children gather at Queen’s Park stadium to watch the crowning of the May Queen.  It is a special time for our community.  Citizens, young and old, come together to enjoy the longest running May Day celebration in the Commonwealth.

In the Royal City, every school chooses a grade five girl to represent them at May Day. Each of these girls will have a special position in the May Queen Suite. The girls and their families gather at City Hall where one lucky girl is chosen to be May Queen.  Each school chooses a grade five boy as their Royal Knight.  He will carry his school’s banner at May Day. 

On May Day, people from our community gather at Queen’s Park stadium. All the  schools have a special place to sit to watch the festivities. There is a stage where the May Day Suite and Royal Knights sit.  Important people such as honoured guests, the Mayor and school superintendent also sit on the stage. As the Royal Suite enters the stadium, the Royal Dancers perform a special dance for the May Queen. There are speeches and the May Queen is crowned!

The grade three students perform the folk dances.  The grade fours dance the Maypole.  The students practice very hard to learn these complicated dances.  They must work together as a team!  The last event of the day is the relays!  The grade 5, 6 and 7 relay teams race with batons while their schools cheer.   It is very noisy, exciting  way to end a special day!